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Live your best life

Benefits may differ by location



At ACIST we value time away from work. Our paid time away from work plan gives you the opportunity relax and do what’s important to you, when it’s important to you.

Live well

Live Well

Life is to be lived fully. That’s why we offer comprehensive benefit options to help protect you along the way.



You won’t find “stuffy” here—whether you are working remotely or in the office. That means business casual for your attire and flexibility in your schedule, wherever possible.



Beyond competitive compensation, we offer options to help you plan for a financially secure future.



Through structured on-the-job learning or via workshops and seminars, you’ll find many opportunities to grow, personally and professionally.



At every point, you are supported by colleagues ready to collaborate and then celebrate your success. This collegial spirit fuels our ability to be successful for the patients and physicians counting on us every day.

Benefits may differ by location

Our values

We will not solve all of the world’s problems, but our patients might. That is why we keep patient care and physician experience top of mind. Our teams are paving the way to develop innovative Interventional Cardiology and Diagnostic Imaging Technology that delivers high quality diagnostic information resulting in increased patient safety and improved physician experience1

We are highly valued as individuals for our ideas and approaches to problem solving. In turn, we are called on to be real, be consistent, be responsive and be thoughtful as we work collaboratively worldwide.

If you are driven, you will feel at home here. Whether you are starting your career or looking for a place to amplify your experience, you can achieve your professional goals with ACIST.

Our Values

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Our Values 2

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Our Values 3

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At ACIST, how we do our work is as important as the work we do to support our cardiovascular and diagnostic imaging product lines.

Learn what it means to be part of the ACIST global community.

Committed to ensuring inclusion

As an organization, we value inclusion. That means listening to your ideas, providing access to opportunities, and embracing who you are. Through dynamic growth with people from different backgrounds and experiences, we continue to create a diverse culture that enables our people to do their best work.

All are welcome here.

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Learning and development

Empowering engagement

Empowering engagement

Employees are responsible for owning their own career development, including pursuing learning experiences (experiential, social and formal) and building productive relationships with peers and mentors. Leaders provide continuous feedback, engage in coaching conversations, and connect individuals to learning opportunities.

Empowering growth

Empowering growth

Our culture of continuous learning and intentional development is fueled by a wide variety of resources, programs and tools. Approximately 85% of our global team participates in opportunities for personal and professional growth annually.

Empowering effectiveness

Empowering effectiveness

Through partnership with the global leaders Insights Discovery and Franklin Covey, we take professional development to the next level. Case in point: Every employee gets the Franklin Covey All Access Pass, a powerful content platform that helps transform an employee’s ability to be successful.


We encourage you to create a candidate profile and submit your resume: US, EU, Japan.   Please visit our careers site frequently to review newly open positions that may be of interest to you.

Yes. You must submit an application for each position you wish to be considered. We encourage you to visit the Find Your Place section to review and apply for any position of interest.

Based on the location of the position, click the appropriate link to apply and submit your cover letter and resume: US, EU, Japan.
A listing of our Executive Committee members and more can be found at the About tab on

Bracco Group is a privately held organization based in Italy with three focus areas: pharmaceutical, medical technologies and health services. It has over 3,600 employees and annual total consolidated revenues of approximately 1.5 billion euros, 87% of which are from international sales.

ACIST was acquired by Bracco Group in 2001 and is a leader within Bracco Medical Technologies.

Making a career move is a big decision!  It will be helpful for you to visit our website to research and learn more about our company, mission, values and culture.  Review the job posting as a guide to understanding the role, qualification and expectations.  If you have questions, we encourage you to ask them throughout the interview process.   You should also have a good sense of what value you think you may bring to our business and be prepared to offer examples of your past achievements or successes.

The interview process is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. Whether it is a phone call, virtual or in-person interview, you’ll be asked questions about your academic and work background and experiences. You will also have a chance—and we encourage you— to ask questions of us.

The ACIST product portfolio includes innovative medical devices designed for use in interventional cardiology and diagnostic imaging applications. Our diagnostic imaging products go to market under the Bracco brand. During your interview process, we encourage you to ask how your work with us will support our variety of products.

General product information can be found at the following links:

Diagnostic Imaging Products
Interventional Cardiology Products

The Student experience

Meaningful work on existing and next-gen product lines. Professional development and mentorship from a world-class team. Magnify your opportunities with ACIST.
Students writing tasks on whiteboard in class, laughing with classmates

The co-op experience

For engineering and technology students, become part of an ACIST medical device team working on existing and-next-gen product lines. 

Duration: Summer + 1 semester.

The intern experience

Find your place in the medical device industry. 

Duration: 12 weeks in the US. Flexible in the E.U.

1. Call J, Sacrinty M, Applegate R, Little W, Santos R et al. (2006) Automated contrast injection in contemporary practice during cardiac catheterization and PCI: effects on contrast-induced nephropathy. J Invasive Cardiol 18 (10): 469-474. Minsinger KD, Kassis HM, Block CA, Sidhu M, Brown JR (2014) Meta-analysis of the effect of automated contrast injection devices versus manual injection and contrast volume on risk of contrast-induced nephropathy. Am J Cardiol 113 (1): 49-53.